The bulk food aisle

The bulk food aisle of grocery stores can often yield good deals.  It can also cost more.  I like to pick up certain kinds of foods like dry beans and oatmeal in Fred Meyer’s bulk food aisle, where I can get oatmeal for as little as $.59/lb (sale price).  You can also find  runner peanuts (for peanut butter) for less than the non-sale price of Fred Meyer natural peanut butter.  Sometimes if we are going camping, we can also get some dry vegetable soup that we can just add water to.  However, rice and flour are more expensive per pound than in their respective aisles at either Fred Meyer or Safeway.  Also, any bulk processed product (like dark chocolate almonds or dried mangoes) is often more expensive than buying the same thing at Trader Joe’s.

What is nice is that you can get as much or as little as you want for a fixed per-pound price.  Sometimes you cannot get as good of a price unless you buy many pounds worth of a food item.  If you know how much the same items cost at different places, you can save quite a bit.



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