Cutting out soda

It has been my goal to cut down on soda for health and cost reasons, since I consume a lot of artificial sweetener through sodas.

There have been studies about how artificial sweeteners still conditions your body to want sugar, and a variety of ills have been attributed to artificial sweeteners.  Even if artificial sweeteners turn out to be health-neutral, it would still save money and feel healthier – and considering that placebos can sometimes be effective, I try not to underestimate the power of mind-body connection.  Plus, it would be better for my teeth to not drink too much soda, regardless of whether it has artificial sweetener or not.

Oddly enough, something that I have found to be effective in not drinking soda is drinking ice water.  Regular water doesn’t do it, but for some reason drinking water with a lot of ice cubes is satisfying in a way that allows me to skip soda.  Not sure why it works, but I’m hoping it will continue to work even when I am bringing my lunches to school.


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