Growing basil

I do not have a green thumb by any means, but having a single basil plant as my pesto source has been a terrific way to save money on basil and have delicious home-grown food at the same time.

It is incredibly simple, and I have been able to make several batches of pesto this summer so far with my little container plant of basil.  I bought a plant from Trader Joe’s at the beginning of the summer.  I water it a couple of times a week or more – depending on how hot it gets (the instructions said once a week but when I didn’t water it for more than 4 days it started to wilt).  I also occasionally add old coffee grounds to the soil.  If it starts to grow flower buds, just pluck those off.  It grows like crazy and makes delicious pesto, and it livens up a tomato sauce if you add it at the end.

It has inspired me to try to grow a garden this upcoming year.  I am thinking an herb wheel with a different herb between each set of spokes.


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