Crossfit WOD with weights only

My favorite part of a Crossfit workout is the weight lifting portion (with actual weights, n0t just body weights).  I find rowing and running and jump roping and burpees to be boring exercises.  If I am going rowing, I want to be in the water with an oar – if I am going running, I want to be running away from bears (that part’s not true – not a good idea to run from bears, by the way).

So it is no surprise that my favorite workout of the day/metabolic conditioning workout/met-con involves weight lifting.  Today we did a 20-minute workout using a barbell.

  • Deadlift
  • Pull
  • Clean
  • Push-press
  • Push-jerk

Doing one of each counts as 1 rep, then you do 1-2-3 ladder sets with a partner – partner 1 does 1 rep, partner 2 does 1 rep, etc., until you each finish 3 reps.  That counts as one set, after which you add weight and do another 1-2-3 ladder set.  As many as possible for 20 minutes.  It gets really hard but it’s a lot of fun!


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