My best friend, the library

People who know me notice that I am always reading.  Left unchecked (by work or other things), I would probably read 15 books a week.  This would be a very expensive habit if not for the excellent Seattle public library system.  I can either check out books from a location, or on my Kindle online.  I can also check out DVDs with varying amounts of wait time.  Mr. LL and I also like to spend time there reading books and magazines on the weekend.

We now use the library for these things (as a substitute for things that we would otherwise have to pay for):

1) Borrowing books (instead of buying them from Amazon or the bookstore): I rarely ever bought books before now, but Mr. LL tended to buy books since he doesn’t zip through them as fast as I do.

2) Borrowing DVDs (instead of having a monthly subscription to Blockbuster Online)

3) Recreation (instead of going to the coffeehouse to read and drink coffee)

The trade-offs are:

1) Wait times: I can’t immediately get popular books or DVDs, but there are plenty of other books to read, and in many cases, we got a DVD from the library while the same DVD was still languishing at #1 in our Blockbuster queue.

2) No coffee while we read and hang out: Normally we have coffee before or after we go to the library.  What we really like is just being somewhere away from home.

Bottom line:

This probably ends up saving us about $60/month in coffee drinks and DVD subscriptions, and even more if you count the books that we might otherwise buy.


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