Maximizing: Paying more for consistency and trustworthiness

Every week I get those little envelopes with 2 or 3 different places advertising oil change specials ($19.95 for an oil change! $10 off on an oil change!).  For five years now, I have been going to the same auto mechanic shop for my oil changes and assorted car maintenance issues.  They charge me about $43 each time I get it the oil changed, and I am fully aware that I could get an oil change for less at a place like Jiffy Lube.

However, I really trust them with my car.  They never try to up-sell me on anything, and whenever I need something, they offer me different price options with no pressure to take the more expensive one (replacing my side view mirror with an after market part), but also give me recommendations about quality products if they feel like it would be better not to go with the alternative (new car battery).  They also do what I ask with no questions (not a transmission flush, only a drain-and-fill).  So it is completely worth it to me to go to them with everything else in order to know that my car is always in good hands.

Same thing with my hair.  I have had the same hair stylist for 5 years (although I rarely get my hair cut, since it always has to coincide with summer or a school holiday).  However, when I do get my hair cut, it costs me over $70 (which probably averages to about $7 or $8/month for how frequently I get it cut).  I don’t get anything fancy – I just tell him, I want something low maintenance that will grow out well and is approximately this short.  And it always looks good.

Bottom line: Even knowing that you could get a (possibly) similar product for less, over the long run it is worth more to pay for consistent and reliable services.


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