Cost analysis with Amazon purchase spreadsheets

Amazon has an interesting feature that allows you to download your purchase reports for specific time periods.  The Excel spreadsheet allows you to look at purchases you made with gift cards, purchases you made for others, subscribe & save options, and pretty much anything you are curious about.  One option that was missing but that can mostly be inferred from the chart is whether you took advantage of the Amazon Prime shipping for each purchase.

We have been members of Amazon Prime since May 2012, so our renewal time is coming up at the end of June (due to the one-month trial period before the year-long subscription period).  It costs $79 for a year-long subscription, so I wanted to see if it is worth it to renew based on our purchases.


Over the course of May 2012-May 2013 year, we made 54 purchases and spent:

Total: $1889.60

Gift cards applied: $78.53

Gifts for other people: $292.92

Total of our own money spent on items for us: $1518.15


We would reconsider making some, but not all, of the purchases that we made.  If we are more intentional and don’t procrastinate in buying gifts for other people, we can take advantage of the Super Saver Shipping that Amazon offers with purchases of $25 or more.  We have decided not to renew Amazon Prime for the time being.


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