Cost analysis: Delicious home-cooked meals

Since we decided to stop going out except for on social occasions (with other people), Mr. LL and I have been enjoying food more than ever.  I sorted through all my old Cook’s Illustrated magazine issues, looking for meatless (or meat-as-a-condiment) dishes that we had never tried before, and we have come up with a few new favorite and inexpensive dishes:

Cuban black beans and rice: This simple one-pot dish is really fantastic – it makes about 8 servings, at about $0.65 per serving.

Baked ziti: This is somewhat of an involved recipe, especially if you make your own tomato sauce first.  However, it comes out to about $0.89 a serving for 10 servings, and it is delicious.

I also eat more homemade snacks – my own yogurt made from milk at $2.99 or less a gallon, and peanut butter made in our blender.  I think we have become a lot more conscious of what we eat and we appreciate it more by knowing that we are saving so much money, and we have made the food ourselves.


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