Insourcing instead of outsourcing: Housekeeping

Due to my extreme reluctance to do cleaning chores such as vacuuming and cleaning toilets, one of my first purchases after getting full-time employment was to hire a housekeeping service.  Thus began the Era of the Housekeepers, during which we used two different companies and had 4 different cleaners who ranged from stellar to about as good as we could do ourselves.  Once we got to this point, it was only a matter of when we would take these chores on – insource rather than outsource.

I was reluctant to lower my quality of life in this respect, but enough changes had snowballed to the point where housekeeping was the lowest hanging fruit – the expense that we would get the most out of cutting (to the tune of $2400/year).

So Mr. LL and I split the chores – I do the kitchen and sweep and mop the floors, while he does the bathrooms and vacuums.  I still hate cleaning, but every time we do it, we “pay” ourselves by investing $100 in our retirement funds.  In 5 years at 5% interest, that will be worth $13,924.59.  Pretty sweet.


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