Being mindful about money makes mistakes hurt more

A funny little psychological quirk that comes up when you’re counting pennies and dollars and trying to cut expenses is that when you do make a money mistake, it hurts more.

Example: Recently I went to Safeway and saw that our brand of vitamins were on sale at half price ($5.49 per 100-count vs. $10.99), which was a better deal than the 200-count ($16.99).  I snapped up 2 of them thinking it was a good deal.

Then afterwards I wondered, do we really need brand name vitamins?  Surely there are generic brands that pass the U.S. Pharmapoeia’s dissolution test and would cost a lot less?  At the point at which I began thinking about researching this, Mr. LL let me know that actually, Safeway had charged us the full price ($21.98) for 2 100-count vitamin bottles.  I had already opened up and discarded the vitamin boxes by that time.

I remember thinking about it and cringing, since I had been able to make other grocery cuts that saved us about $11 that week, and the mistake of not checking the scanner and/or receipts for correct pricing really ate up a big percentage of my carefully planned out savings.

So sometimes I have to remind myself that money mistakes happen, and there’s no point in beating myself up over them as long as I learn better next time.


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