Was It Worth It? Season theater subscription

The time has come for theater subscription tickets again.  Last August, we decided on a whim to buy $60 2012/13 season subscriptions to four shows at Balagan Theatre upon hearing that they were putting on a production of Avenue Q, a twisted and funny Muppet musical I had heard about a few years before.

At $15 per ticket per person, it really made sense – live theater, some new and interesting experiences, a small and intimate theater – why not?

The subscription was probably my very favorite purchase of the entire year.  The theater attracts fantastic talent in every area, and there was a nice mix of drama, comedy, and music.  In fact, I far preferred Balagan’s offerings above all other shows I saw this past year, including Book of Mormon at the Paramount in downtown Seattle and the number of shows we saw in New York.

The only con was that we had to pay $5 for parking to ensure that we did not roam around the crowded Capitol Hill area searching for a free spot on a Saturday evening.

This year, the subscription cost $99 for a 5-show season.

Some of my considerations when deciding:

  1. Increased price per show ($5 extra per ticket)
  2. An all-musical season (I like more of a mix between plays and musicals, and tend not to like dramatic musicals as much as comedic ones)
  3. A new artistic director
  4. The movement of some shows to downtown Seattle (which probably accounts for the ticket increase) where there would be increased parking costs and unknown seating in a new theater.

Based on our experiences this past year, it was worth it to buy another season despite these considerations, because I hugely admire Balagan and I believe that I will not be disappointed.



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