The Great Haircutting Experiment

The idea began germinating in March, when we were trying to cut expenses and my husband realized that he was spending $600/year for haircuts.  He wanted to experiment with cutting his own hair, and after looking at a lot of YouTube videos on cutting your own hair (like this), and looking at some how-to sites, we decided that it would probably be better if I did it, seeing as I had a better vantage point of his head than he did.

We bought one of these Wahl clipper kits for $25, figuring that even if it wasn’t a professional job, it would be worth it to try it at least once.  We waited until the weekend, when he would have time to recover from a hack job and/or get it fixed at the barber.

I used the very handy illustrated instructions, and started buzzing away.  After a bit of lopsidedness and a few clipper length changes, we pronounced it done.  It took one more try a couple of days later before we pronounced it totally done.

The next day, one of his co-workers complimented him on his nice haircut (when normally no compliments had been forthcoming before).  Plus, we invest an extra $50/month every time I cut his hair, so it’s an all-around win.


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