DIY: Croutons

One of my goals has been to save money by making from scratch (as much as possible – baby steps!) whatever goods I would normally buy at the store.  I am a big salad eater, so my first project was croutons.  We had bought a giant loaf of French bread a few weeks ago to eat with dinner, and the leftovers were getting old and hard in the fridge.

I used this recipe from the Food Network since it had only four ingredients besides the bread: 1) salt, 2) pepper, 3) red pepper flakes, and 4) olive oil.

Croutons  I had been buying a 2.5 cup bag of croutons for $2 to $2.50 (depending on whether there was a sale or not).  I was able to make a little over 8 cups of croutons with my recipe and a 1.79 loaf of French bread.  That turned out to be $.80-$1 per cup for store bought vs. about $.22 per cup for homemade.

Plus, they were delicious.


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