A happy discovery

Yesterday Mr. LL and I were out to lunch at a popular Salvadoran restaurant with two friends of ours when one of them mentioned that it was her goal to be retired in 7 years thanks to reading the blog Mr. Money Mustache after the author was featured on Slate.

We have been reluctant to share our plans and goals about retirement and cutting spending with other people, since it isn’t super conventional, and we have started to make more dramatic changes in our lives that people may or may not look askance at (and who wants to be judged?).

Once our friend mentioned Mr. Money Mustache, though, all bets were off and the four of us couldn’t seem to stop talking about early retirement, finances, and What Would Mr. Money Mustache Do?  Is that a Mustachian decision?

For two hours.

After which we made some tentative plans to start taking turns cooking at home as part of our social life, and we were renewed in our motivation to become financially independent early (or earlier).

I sometimes joke with my husband about how Mr. Money Mustache is his guru, but that’s probably not far from the truth, since reading the blog has been the impetus for new changes and challenges in our financial lifestyle.

Maybe I won’t be telling all my friends about my plans, but it seems like a good idea to develop a social network that shares in and supports the kind of goals we have for ourselves.


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