Was It Worth It? Joining CrossFit

Before we embarked on our extreme savings spree in March, I joined CrossFit.  In January 2013, I started with 4 classes per month for $70.  In February I increased to 8 classes per month for $140.  I am currently at 12 classes per month for $175, and have no plans to increase the frequency.  However, this is a really expensive habit.

The Pros:

  1. New exercises every day: I was stagnating in my fitness level at my old gym.  I lacked the interest or motivation to change up my routine, and when it comes to working out, I have always done better when I take classes.
  2. A personal trainer (almost!): My teachers always provide useful tips and feedback on my form, in addition to telling me what and how to do new exercises.  They always help me with scaling back or making adjustments for old injuries.
  3. Motivation/inspiration: I always feel encouraged to do better and work harder when I am in a group.  Despite being very motivated in other areas of my life, exercise is something that I like to do but need a push to really get the most out of it.  Plus, my partners and group-mates always cheer me on!
  4. Increased level of fitness: Over the course of four months now, I have gotten stronger, decreased my body fat percentage, and feel good about my progress.  Exercise is already a mood enhancer for me, but now I feel proud about going to class because I can really see and feel the difference.
  5. Ease of access: I am always able to use the equipment I need when I need it.

The Cons:

  1. The cost(!): I previously added on to my husband’s primary gym membership for $35/month, and yes, it does pain me to pay $140 extra per month for CrossFit classes.
  2. Hours: I can only take a class on the hour.  If my work runs long or traffic is bad and I am late for a class, I cannot work out that day without changing my eating schedule, showering schedule, etc.

Bottom line: Worth it (for now).  It’s an expensive indulgence that provides a lot of value for me.  It might be something I phase out as we make more spending cuts.  Then I can look into amassing equipment for a home gym, or rejoining my husband’s gym and dealing with planning workouts, lack of equipment, too many people, etc.


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