I didn’t know how to quit you: Comcast

Comcast.  A source of fist-to-the-sky spending rage.  As we began to notice the steady increase in our internet/cable bill, we started to research alternatives.  Was Clear the right one for us?  Could we go back to CenturyLink, which we had canceled when we dropped our home phone line?  None of the alternatives really dropped our bill enough to be worth the trouble of changing to an unknown service.

We tried calling Comcast to cancel just basic cable, but it turns out that if we canceled our basic cable (which we never watched anyway), our internet bill would increase by $10, which would bring our bill down from $75 to around $73.

I think too many people have tried to “cancel” Comcast, so the customer service representative I spoke to was pretty indifferent and flippant about our toothless and uninspiring threat to leave them for someone else.

Then we found FreedomPop, which apparently resells WiMax from Clear.  We got the box and the $18.99/month plan for 10GB of data, and we are currently in our second month of reliable, fast, cheap internet service.

And I have to say that I got a lot of satisfaction out of letting Comcast know that I was quitting and that, no, there was nothing they could do to keep me.


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